Megan’s Medical Minutes Volume 1 Episode 7 – SLUG S2

Megan B. Szeliga is bringing to you, her very own blog series: Megan’s Medical Minutes.

In Megan’s Medical Minutes, Megan will quickly, yet succinctly, detail some new medical issues that may be relevant to handling your claims. Megan promises to only take five minutes of your busy day to help you learn something new and keep updated in your claims handling.

This week, Megan talks about Schedule Loss of Use Guidelines, or SLUG–a term coined by Melissa A. Day. In this special SLUG episode, Megan goes over how the guidelines reference the shoulder. Check out what Megan has to say in SLUG S2, and come back later for more elaborate breakdowns of SLUG in future episodes!

Stay up to date and in the know with Megan’s Medical Minutes, updated every Monday!

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