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Summer is Almost Over!

Seasonal Employees Back to Work – Or Not : Part 2 on Calculating AWW Welcome to the second installment of our serial blog on the issue of Average Weekly Wages!  When we last left our intrepid hero, he had plummeted to his apparent death in the Reichenbach Falls grappling with his mortal enemy and mastermind… Read More

Non-Acute Pain Treatment Guidelines

WE NOW HAVE THE NON-ACUTE PAIN TREATMENT GUIDELINES BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You may be asking, why would the implementation of the Non-Acute Pain Treatment Guidelines even matter?  Why would you want to ensure a pain management treatment provider comes into compliance with the Non-Acute Pain Guidelines?  The answer is easy – it matters… Read More


For this week’s blog post, I decided to pull a case from the archives in honor of our Day of Independence.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, and in hopes that it will be a guiding principle throughout your Fourth of July events and the year to come, we review the case of East Village,… Read More

IMEs : The Next Summer Movie Blockbuster or Just Another IME Gone Bust?

IMEs are vital in the defense of most workers’ compensation claims, and the legislature and Board has spent a great deal of effort to ensure their impartiality and uniformity; at least for timely service on all the parties.  A lesser known aspect of both the Workers’ Compensation Law, and the regulations, is that these examinations… Read More