Counsel For Small Businesses Without Workers’ Comp Insurance

Many small businesses in New York City operate with very high overhead. Everyday business expenses in New York are high enough even without having to factor in workers’ compensation (or workers’ comp) insurance coverage. As a result, some small businesses take a calculated risk of going without workers’ compensation insurance. Others are simply unaware that they are required to carry it.
Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize that since carrying workers’ comp insurance is mandatory under New York state employment law, failure to provide it can expose them to harsh civil and even criminal penalties. To protect yourself and your business, consult with an attorney as soon as you realize there is a problem. Contact The Klein Law Group, P.C. for help.



Defending Uninsured And Insured Employers

The penalty for not having workers’ compensation coverage for your employees can range from a very steep fine to criminal charges. The state can find out you do not have proper insurance in any number of ways, including through its own investigation, if someone reports you, or if an employee lodges a complaint after being injured and denied benefits.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we help small business owners who:

  • Need informed counsel on employer rights in the workers’ compensation system
  • Are under investigation for alleged failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance
  • Have had penalties levied against them for not carrying required workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Have insurance but need defense in workers’ comp cases

If you have questions concerning an employer’s rights issue under New York workers’ compensation law, reach out to our office to schedule a free consultation with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer.


Letters of Appeal Drafted by our Lawyers

In some cases small businesses simply cannot afford workers’ compensation insurance and are not deliberately trying to evade the law. Since we are also a small business, we understand how small employers make decisions – and we have years of experience with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.

When penalties have been assessed against our clients, we take steps including:

  • Carefully interviewing the client about the history of the company and how its failure to provide workers’ comp insurance came about.
  • Drafting letters of appeal to the Compensation Board explaining the situation
  • Arguing for penalties to be reduced or dismissed altogether

While we cannot ensure the Compensation Board will reduce fines or dismiss any particular case, we have had success negotiating for reductions and rescissions of these penalties for numerous clients. Our attorneys will take every step to protect your employer rights and prevent further damage to your business.


Discuss Your Business’s Rights With An Attorney

If you have questions concerning employer rights in New York’s workers’ compensation system, please send us a message to schedule a free consultation or call (716) 616-0111.