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Don’t get angry, GET M.A.D.

Our philosophy is that employers, TPAs and carriers need claim based, not hearing based, representation in the new landscape of defending workers’ compensation claims in New York. We feel that the best way to minimize your exposure is to coordinate a strategy with defense counsel throughout the life of the claim: from filing of the C-3 or EC-84 to final resolution.

The firm’s guiding principles are summarized by the 5 Cs:

Collaboration – We partner with our clients on their claims;
Current – We stay current on changes in the law;
Creative – We don’t just do what has always been done; we make law;
Comprehensive – We provide exhaustive analyses rather than being knee jerk, ad hoc mouthpieces;
Candor – We believe that the strongest relationships grow as a result of trust which can only be cultivated through rigorous honesty.

If you are tired of not having an attorney who is your partner, don’t get angry, GET M.A.D.