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photo of attorney Melissa A. Day

Melissa A. Day

Managing Partner

My Legal Superpower: Using my weird, bent way of looking at the world to study the language of a statute and find defenses where none were previously thought to exist.

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photo of attorney James B. Cousins

James B. Cousins

Supervising Partner

My Legal Superpower: Each and every one of them.

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photo of attorney Brian K. Prince

Brian K. Prince


My Legal Superpower: Talking with my wife. Having been with my wife since the start of her second year of orthopedic surgery residency, we’ve discussed probably thousands of cases at this point.

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photo of associate attorney Paul B. Kornacki

Paul Kornacki

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: 20 plus years of experience in Workers’ Compensation.

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photo of associate attorney Melanie A. Daly

Melanie A. Daly

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: Extrasensory Perception for Inconsistencies.

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photo of associate attorney Neil A. Diegelman

Neil A. Diegelman

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: “Breathing Underwater” – Having a propensity for divine deeper…

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photo of associate attorney Brendan T. Shannon

Brendan T. Shannon

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: Writing and Being Extremely Thorough.

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photo of associate attorney Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: Teleportation—can jump from one case to the next as the situation calls.

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Maria Lua

Maria Lua 

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: My legal superpower is I eat writing assignments for breakfast.

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associate attorney Vicki L. Buehler

Vicki L. Buehler

Associate Attorney

My Legal Superpower: Heightened Perception – Prominence in analyzing cases, identifying potential issues and formulating a strategy

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Kristin M. Machelor

Of Counsel

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