LOMADtv is our firm’s exclusive video broadcasting platform.

Since 2016, The Law Offices of Melissa A. Day has regularly produced and published a variety of educational content pertaining to NYS Workers’ Compensation Law. Each month, the firm attorneys cover a wide range of topics and provide relevant case examples and perspective to enrich the knowledge of those who tune in.

We invite you to check out LOMADtv and discover the method to our “MAD-ness!”



Lawyers & Friends

Lawyers & Friends is our firm’s monthly live broadcast.

A featured LOMAD attorney and a guest lead a presentation on a topic pertaining to Workers’ Compensation defense.

Visit our Lawyers & Friends page to learn more!

The Legal Scoop

The Legal Scoop is our firm’s platform for sharing about our latest victories for our clients. Host Brendan T. Shannon invites our attorneys to one-on-one interviews about their recent “wins” in their claims defense.

Tune in for the sweet, sweet wins at LOMAD!

The Daly Grind

The Daly Grind is a video series that features a discussion on a unique Workers’ Compensation topic. Host Melanie A. Daly talks about things like IMEs, apportionment and the medical treatment guidelines, with each episode focused on a new topic.

Sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy some “Java and Juris!”


Studio Audience Reviews

Insightful Webinar Series

The monthly webinar series on basic NY workers’ compensation compensability presented by the Law Offices of Melissa A. Day has been an educational, approachable and insightful look into the cornerstones of our profession.

The material has given a straightforward introduction to those new to the industry while also providing a welcome refresher course to our seasoned adjusters.

Most importantly, these webinars have opened up a dialogue in our office for continued discussion between our staff and have encouraged thoughtful questions, and a renewed passion for learning which has been truly invaluable to us.

We at FCS greatly appreciate the time, research, dedication, and hard work that your attorneys have put into these presentations and we will continue to attend and enjoy them as they are presented.

Thank you!

Missy Krupka, Claims Manager, FCS Administrators, Inc.

Really Good Informative Webinars

I sent this to our adjusters as I’ve attended a couple of their webinars…these are really good informational webinars. Email mday@getMAD.today to register for either or both series.

The Breakfast Club are morning webinars that are held once a month on Friday. The Basic Issues of Compensability series is a lunch time series happening monthly on a Monday.

They have different presenters and record the presentations as well and post them to this page for future viewing. If there is a specific webinar you want to view in the archives just email mday@getMAD.today for a password.

Erin Greco, Service Improvement Specialist

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