A Collaborative Approach To
Workers’ Compensation Defense

We believe the best way to successfully defend a workers’ compensation claim is to build strong working relationships with our clients rather than acting as third-party hired hands.

At The Law Offices of Melissa A. Day, our focus is on individual claims,
not trying to maximize hearings.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: We break the mold of the traditional assembly-line workers’ compensation defense by embracing claim-based partnerships centered around collaboration, communication, and honesty.

Vision: To set the standard for providing an intimate goal-oriented workers’ compensation defense by carefully listening to our clients, identifying and embracing their objectives and exhausting all avenues to ensure their voices are heard. 


  • Intellectual Curiosity – We want employees and clients who ask, “Why” and independently take steps to answer that question.
  • Passionate Engagement – We love what we do because it’s personal. Without us, our clients feel marginalized by the process. We find solutions and are their voice at the Board.
  • Goal-Oriented Collaboration – We take pride in collaborating with clients and colleagues. We dive into issues, propose creative and innovative strategies and form true problem-solving partnerships using our sophisticated understanding of the process and the problem.

If your current attorney is not delivering on these principles, it is time to get M.A.D.

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Don’t Settle For Mediocrity,

Get M.A.D.

It is not that difficult to find a workers’ compensation defense firm in New York. However, finding a workers’ compensation defense firm that is truly committed to representing your organization and gives each claim the time and attention it deserves is not so easy. Most firms will simply ask you to submit information and then update you as the process goes on. We believe that the best pathway to success involves working with our clients, not just for our clients. That means our clients can expect us to be highly responsive and to work with them to build the best strategies for success.

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What Clients Are Saying

“… I enjoy and greatly appreciate all of the work done on any of my cases by your firm…Your office is super!”
– Anonymous – 

“…You guys are amazing and probably one of the few attorney firms that actually think outside the box. Our whole relationship started because another firm that shall go nameless did not recommend an appeal and I thought it needed an appeal and I sent it over to your office and your office appealed it and we prevailed and so started our 4+ years working together…”
– Anonymous – 

“Melissa is directing [local] counsel at our request, since she knows more than they do. You may quote me…in fact, no other firm we have used even approaches what you guys are able to do with these cases. I hope you all make millions and buy your own skyscraper to accommodate growth.”
– William Daciuk, Senior Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner – 

I just have to tell you that, while I enjoy working with all of the attorneys in your office and I have very high opinions of them all, I LOVE working with Brian! You might recall the file in metro NY that I asked if you would take over from the other firm. Brian’s Memorandum of Law is beautiful! I will not be at all surprised if the Judge chooses to award this claimant a 0% SLU. In my humble opinion, if I had left this file in the hands of the prior firm, I believe that the claimant would have been awarded a 30% SLU which would have been a split between the treating provider and our IME. I wanted to make sure that you are aware of what an amazing job he does!
– Annette Delahooke, Workers’ Compensation Claim Analyst – 

I want to let you know that Melanie Daly did a great job on this file in her prep for today’s hearing. This is an OD claim for bilateral hearing loss which we controverted based on the medical evidence, and timely filing. The case transferred to me rather recently and I saw that depos were underway, with an upcoming hearing scheduled. Based on the outcome of the depositions our Section 28 defense was done and it appears that the only thing left would be determining SLU. Melanie Daly called me yesterday afternoon and stated that she say the employer had additional coverage and a possible wrap up policy at the location the claimant last worked. I immediately contacted the employer and he confirmed that there was a wrap up at that location. I also contacted our underwriter and sure enough, we have an exclusion at that location. I forwarded her all the documents and she intends on raising the issue of coverage today. Without her thorough review in preparation of this file, this would not have been caught. We may have lost our right to raise the issue now but it certainly warrants recognition that she put forth the effort to find this.

– Anonymous per request, Claims Services Representative at NYSIF– 

Vicki [Buehler] is awesome!”

– Anonymous – 

We appreciate the very informative “Lunch and Learn”, lots of takeaways for sure.

– Anthony Welch, Claims Supervisor at Corvel Corporation– 

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