• Lawyers & Friends is our firm's monthly broadcast hosted by our amazing attorneys!

Lawyers and Friends is taking a short break for the summer of 2023, but we have an extensive collection of prior episodes that you can watch!

In our previous broadcasts, our attorneys covered a new topic each month, offering our guests their perspective and expertise on the subject matter with fun twists and quirky quips. (After all, we’re all M.A.D. here!)

You can access the full library by clicking the button below. If you have trouble accessing any episode, email us right away!

The History of Lawyers of Friends

In 2016...

In 2016, our firm began hosting a live broadcast, offering education and knowledge on a variety of Workers’ Compensation Defense topics.

Two years later...

Two years later, our firm launched a new monthly webinar series titled “On The Bench,” which featured an attorney and a guest leading a discussion on Workers’ Compensation Defense.

Then, in 2019...

Then, in 2019, Lawyers & Friends was born! With a heart set on continuing to provide educational broadcasts related to Workers’ Compensation Law in NYS, our team collaborated to bring this new platform to life.

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