Our team may be known for being legal superheroes, but some of the most notable underdogs (…and undercats) of the LOMAD family support our firm as our beloved sidekicks!

Check out our furry and scaly VIPs below!

About Luna: Luna was blind in Texas in a kill shelter, and her time was coming up. Queen City Pitties took a transport down to Texas from WNY and saved Luna’s life (along with 23 other dogs and 5 cats). Once in WNY, Luna had two surgeries to correct her vision. Luna loves being able to see, she runs up and down the stairs, when she use to have to be carried since she could not see. Luna loves the finer things in life – she will skip over rain puddles, only eat the freshest grass, and loves to sunbathe. Luna has great energy and is a happy puppy!

How we met: My wife and I were her first foster parents. From the moment I saw Luna (then named Faith) and Luna saw me, we did not break eye contact (yes, she was blind, but the gist of it . . .) until she was in our arms and safe in our car. From there, we cared for her after her surgeries. When she was ready to be adopted she had already stolen our hearts and we formally adopted her in January 2022.


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