Social Media and Fraud – You’d Be Surprised What People Post!

When we talk about surveillance, we’re usually talking about investigators staking out a claimant, taking videos, trying to catch them doing something outside their restrictions.  It’s an incredibly useful and important tool in our arsenal, especially when it comes to fraud.  But what about social media? We live in a time when nearly everybody has… Read More

Never Give In! Disallowance Win!

We got a win disallowing a right shoulder claim in a 01/18/2020 established claim for the upper back and neck. The claimant’s C-3, filed approximately 3 weeks later, listed the right shoulder as a claimed injury. The right shoulder MRI showed bursitis and a partial tear of the supraspinatus and AC degenerative joint disease. The… Read More

An “Interesting” IME Development

We recently handled a claim in which we were attempting to get a finding of 50% degree of disability with regard to temporary rates in the record. Our IME had given an opinion of 50% based on her examination, but the treating physician had consistently opined 100%.   We deposed the treating provider, who testified that… Read More