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Test Your NY Workers’ Compensation Chops

Aug 3, 2015 | MAD News

Here is a quiz to test your NY Workers’ Compensation knowledge.  Do you have MAD skills?  Answers will be published as a separate post in one week.  To obtain an answer key immediately, contact mday@getMAD.today.

  1. What is the Special Funds WCL § 15(8)(d) reimbursement form and what are the time frames for seeking reimbursement once WCL § 15(8)(d) is established?
  2. What is the percentage of medical impairment for a claimant whose provider has opined a Class II severity E impairment?
  3. What are the three exceptions to written notice under WCL § 18?
  4. When do the medical treatment guidelines apply?
    1. When claimant lives in state and the doctor treats in state?
    2. When claimant lives out of state and the doctor treats in state?
    3. When claimant lives in state and the doctor treats out of state?
    4. When claimant lives out of state and the doctor treats out of state?
  5. What is needed in a chiropractor’s report for there to be a well-documented exacerbation to allow for treatment in the absence of a variance?
  6. Under what circumstances can a carrier deny a variance without contrary medical evidence?
  7. If the carrier commences payment of temporary compensation without admitting liability pursuant to WCL § 21-a, how much time does it have to electronically file a notice of controversy before it would be deemed to have admitted liability for the claim and a decision would be issued establishing the claim?
  8. An IME report must be filed within 10 business days after the examination with the Board. Does a holiday within the period count as a business day and does only a holiday that falls on the 10th day count as a holiday that requires that the IME report be submitted on the next business day?
  9. If a claim is not controverted, when is a SROI late and what is the penalty?
  10. What is the significance of the filing of notice of indexing?
  11. When the employer or carrier is under a direction to continue payments to the claimant following a hearing or issuance of a decision pursuant to rule 300.23, it is permissible to suspend benefits without a hearing under certain circumstances. True or false?
  12. How are actual reduced earnings calculated?
  13. When can MMI be determined?
  14. How long does a self-insured employer have to make the mandatory deposit into the ATF following classification with a PPD for a claim with a date of accident after 7/1/07?

Good luck and have fun!

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